Audiobook Review: Storm: Elemental, Book 1 by Brigid Kemmerer


5StarStory_5StarNarrationI purchased Storm: Elemental, Book 1 by Brigid Kemmerer from It popped up as a recommendation after finishing Book 1 in The Creepy Hollow Series by Rachel Morgan so I decided to give it a go. I must say, I absolutely LOVED this book.

The author wastes no time getting into the action. It was fun and fast-paced, reeling me in from the very beginning and holding my interest straight through to the end. I flew through the entire thing quickly.

The dynamic between the Marreck brothers was excellent. Their relationships were portrayed in a way that would seem realistic to anyone with siblings. One minute they could be arguing or fighting with one another, then the next they may be protecting each other.

I really liked that the story switched between Becca and Chris’s point-of-view. It showed the emotions that both of them were trying to deal with well, not to mention the confusion both of them felt at times because of Hunter’s presence.

I don’t like to do spoilers so I’m going to keep this short. If you enjoy paranormal YA with strong characters (and alpha male types), read this book!

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen in love with a series, so I’m happy to have come across this one. After finishing this book, I immediately bought Book 2, Spark, and I’m nearing the end of Book 3, Spirit, so I think it’s safe to say I would highly recommend Storm!

Audiobook Review: Creepy Hollow Series #1, The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan


4StarStory_4StarNarrationI recently finished listening to The Faerie Guardian, Creepy Hollow Series #1, by Rachel Morgan. I purchased this book from

This was the first book that I have read or listened to from this author. I devour a lot of YA fantasy, so I often approach a new series with fear that it will be too predictable or chock full of cliches. I’ll admit, after hearing the first few chapters, I really thought this story was headed down that road. The plot felt a little slow in the beginning, though I really liked the world that the story was set in, enough so that it held my interest.

I hate spoilers, so I’m not going to give anything away here. But, about midway through, there’s a plot twist in the book that I totally wasn’t expecting. From that point on, the pace picked up and I got pulled deeper into the story, left wondering what was going to happen next.

I really liked that the main character, Violet, was a tough girl. She had experienced a lot of loss despite her young age, but she wasn’t a withering flower looking for sympathy. There are interesting developments with one of the characters that seemed most annoying to her, and as everything unravels you get to see that the history between this person and Violet runs deep.

I would recommend giving this series a try.


Audiobook Review: The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand


CynthiaHandTLTWSGRating_ThumbnailAs I mentioned in my bio, I love audiobooks. I almost always have one ready for a listen on my phone, and I play bits and pieces all day long, whenever I can steal away the time.

I wanted to share my thoughts on a recent one that I just finished called,  The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand. I bought this book from

This was the fourth book that I’ve read by this author. I absolutely loved her “Unearthly” series and was very much looking forward to reading a new story from her. She did not disappoint.

“The Last Time We Say Goodbye” is a heartbreaking story about a girl named Lex who is trying to move on with her life after her brother commits suicide. Her parents are divorced, she has a strained relationship with her father, and a mom who is struggling with her grief. Lex feels like she is labeled as “that girl whose brother committed suicide” and that people don’t really see beyond it. She is doing her best to get through the rest of her senior year, with hopes to get away from her home town by going to a far away college.

There is a love interest in the story for Lex, but the way it is presented is not typical and it is not the main plot in the story. I found this to be refreshing. Many problems with the relationship are alluded to, but we don’t get the full explanation of why until the end, and when it’s revealed, it’s very moving.

Cynthia Hand did a lovely job portraying the ugliness of grief. The emotions that the characters go through are believable, and there were moments in the story that brought me to tears.

In addition to a great story, the audio book narration by Julia Whelan was excellent too. Each character had a distinct voice, and the feeling and mindset of that character was delivered flawlessly.

5 stars for both the book and the performance in the audiobook. I really liked this one.