Audiobook Review: Storm: Elemental, Book 1 by Brigid Kemmerer

5StarStory_5StarNarrationI purchased Storm: Elemental, Book 1 by Brigid Kemmerer from It popped up as a recommendation after finishing Book 1 in The Creepy Hollow Series by Rachel Morgan so I decided to give it a go. I must say, I absolutely LOVED this book.

The author wastes no time getting into the action. It was fun and fast-paced, reeling me in from the very beginning and holding my interest straight through to the end. I flew through the entire thing quickly.

The dynamic between the Marreck brothers was excellent. Their relationships were portrayed in a way that would seem realistic to anyone with siblings. One minute they could be arguing or fighting with one another, then the next they may be protecting each other.

I really liked that the story switched between Becca and Chris’s point-of-view. It showed the emotions that both of them were trying to deal with well, not to mention the confusion both of them felt at times because of Hunter’s presence.

I don’t like to do spoilers so I’m going to keep this short. If you enjoy paranormal YA with strong characters (and alpha male types), read this book!

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen in love with a series, so I’m happy to have come across this one. After finishing this book, I immediately bought Book 2, Spark, and I’m nearing the end of Book 3, Spirit, so I think it’s safe to say I would highly recommend Storm!